International Security & Defence Systems
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ISDS Main Fields

Mega Event Security

ISDS designs and develops plans to secure any Mega Event, including major Sport Events. ISDS worked in the security operation for the Olympic Games of Athens and Beijing, World Cups, and large music events.

One of ISDS main goals in Mega Event Security is to consult the organizing committees with risk based security planning and training and then provide a targeted security solution.

Critical Infrastructure Security

ISDS has been involved in several projects related to the security of Critical Infrastructures in the areas of Oil, Gas, Mining, Transportation, Airports-TSA, Sea-Ports - IMO, Communication, Water Supply, Government and Public Facilities, and Energy.  The security projects involved the analysis, planning, implementation of integral security systems, and training of personnel. Moreover, ISDS provides security technology targeted to protect these critical infrastructures. Its clients in the best exemplify ISDS experience in the sector

 Safe City Security

ISDS experience in safe city security includes projects around the world. ISDS works in the planning, implementation, and operational readiness of safe city projects. Within the realm of Safe City Security operations, a critical component is the development of security command, control, and communication centers that integrate all elements resulting in functional frameworks that meet specific security operation purposes. 

Mass Transportation

ISDS provides, for its operations, the design, development, and implementation of Mass Transportation security plan.

ISDS manages high-stakes threat assessments and investigations with sensitivity, skill, careful documentation, and absolute discretion and confidentiality.

ISDS project include aviation security, public transportation security and maritime security. ISDS Provides a full solution from the risk assesmennts and evaluation level till the implemntation of security and on going support. 


ISDS provides access to advanced and effective security technology to meet operational needs.
Further, ISDS is involved in the design and development of cutting edge technology and equipment that answer security needs and challenges.



The FORT1 is a mobile command, control, communication, and intelligence center. It is an all terrain multipurpose armored vehicle that combines strength  sound design, and flexibility. 

ISDS Services


ISDS experts comprehend the need for reliable, valid, professional intelligence to support the planning, strategizing and continued development of all security projects and operations. The main goal of ISDS Intelligence Service is to supply clients, decision makers with relevant information at the right time. For this purpose, ISDS has designed and utilizes several Intelligence Gathering systems and sources, including its Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

Open Source Intelligence

ISDS uses its OSINT system to gather and to integrate information and data from available sources. OSINT is very useful as a base for understanding classified intelligence and for quickly gathering information about a specific topic, country, region, and others.

OSINT is gathered from a variety of fields: media, online communities, social networking sites and blogs, professional/academic data, official and government data, observation based data such as satellite imagery, and other.

ISDS provides clients with unique OSINT solutions designed for their needs and integrates these with other intelligence systems in place. Further, ISDS will integrate all Intelligence activities with other security processes to achieve a total solution.

Cyber Security Services

ISDS provides a wide range of Cyber Security Services to prevent, coordinate efforts against and respond to threats, impacts and disruptions of critical cyber and communication networks and infrastructure.

ISDS works with clients in order to detect, to identify and to strengthen their facilities, networks, and systems to prepare them to deter and respond against these threats. ISDS Cyber Security Services include the design and procurement of Cyber Security Software, Intelligence Collection products, C4I products concerning cyber security, and others. ISDS also provides strategies and products to secure against Social Media risks and related threats.

ISDS designs and delivers all aspects of the cyber security process, from needs analysis and planning to implementation

Maritime Security Services

ISDS Maritime Services offers security consulting, management, operational, logistics and training services in the maritime and hospitality industries. ISDS Maritime offers a comprehensive range of services, including technology solutions, operations, consultancy, experts training, anti piracy, underwater security, cable laying protection, investigation and more. 

The ISDS group is deeply involved in Maritime Security based on the IMO's ISPS code as a Recognized Security Organization (RSO) by several governments.

Our services, employees and management are available 24/7/365, to provide real time solutions for any given situation.


ISDS provides high level training programs led by professional instructors. The ISDS team follows safety standards and uses cutting edge technology and equipment. A full range of programs is offered in Israel and abroad.